Alafia Kooko Bitters
Alafia Kooko Bitters

Alafia Kooko Bitters



Kooko     Bitters

Alafia Bitters is a natural colon cleansing tonic, this herbal remedy has been historically used to treat common ailments such as constipation, headaches and fever.

Aloe Ferox and Cassia Sieberiana are what make this product exceptional.

The benefits of Alafia Kooko Bitters are many, It helps remove phlegm, gas and works as a laxative. It also:-

  • help diminish pain
  • Cleansing of the liver, kidneys & colon
  • Loss of excess weight and water
  • Increase in tissue oxygenation
  • Smoother and easier digestion
  • Reduction of body toxins
  • An increased sense of well-being
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Alafia Bitters