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Thanks to its clarifying formula, the Original Fair & White Body Clearing Milk softens spots and gently brightens your skin. Its creamy formulation leaves your skin soft, satin - smooth, more radiant and regular.

Its delicate fragrance makes it a wonderful day care. Apply daily to dry cleansed skin and gently massage. 

 Body Clearing Milk | Original


F&W Exfoliating Soap with Apricot kernels accelerates the  elimination of dead cells. Not only does it deep cleanse the skin, but it also leaves your  complexion smooth and radiant.

For face and body. Form a rich lather between hands and apply daily to face and body as needed.  Gently massage, and rinse. Avoid contact with eyes.

Exfoliating Soap | Original

Brightening & Clarifying Body Lotion with Carrot Oil

With its mild, sweet fragrance, F&W carrot Body Lotion, containing an active lightening ingredient combined with Carrot oil, clarifies to even out the complexion whilst nourishing the body. Carrot oil offers nourishing, toning and antioxidant properties. To help your skin regain its radiant, soft and clear look. Ideal with F&W carrot Soap.

Apply daily to dry cleansed skin and gently massage.

Body Lotion - Carrot | Original

Carrot Soap - EXFOLIATING SOAP - Natural Radiance

With its delicately sugary scent, FAIR&WHITE Carrot Soap cleans, exfoliates and tones your skin while caring for your epidermis. Contains micronised apricot stones and carrot oil. For a soft and glow skin.

To be used daily for face and body

Exfoliating Soap - Carrot | Original

Aloe Vera Body Lotion - Brightening and moisturising 

Already recognised for its lightening efficiency, the Original F&W Body Lotion is enriched with a natural moisturising ingredient: the aloe vera. Selected for its softening properties, it is well known for soothing and moisturising dry and damaged skins.

Use daily, after bath or shower to leave your skin soft, supple and visibly clearer.

Body Lotion - Aloe Vera | Original


Exfoliating and cleansing - Twofold-efficacy 

The Aloe Vera Soap offers a twofold efficacy : it rubs impurities responsible for dull complexions and cares for your epidermis while  preserving the skin's natural balance. This skin care contains aloe vera well known for its soothing, moisturising and protective properties. Suitable for all skin types.

For face and body. Form a rich lather between hands and apply to face and body as needed.  Gently massage, and rinse. Avoid contact with eyes.

Exfoliating Soap - Aloe Vera | Original


Body Lotion with AHA - Brightening and moisturising

The AHA-2 Body Lotion with its smooth texture is ideal to visibly reduce the pigmentary disorders (marks, spots, complexion irregularities). This complete skin care enriched with AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid ) and moisturising agents has been formulated to refine skin texture and to reveal its natural radiance.
Skin appears more luminous, gently brightened. 

Apply everyday on a clean dry skin.

Brightening Body Lotion - AHA-2 | Original


AHA Soap - Exfoliating and unifying

The F&W AHA-2 Soap ensures an exfoliating and unifying double efficiency. It smoothly cleanses and regenerates the skin by micro-exfoliation and helps to unify your epidermis. It contains exfoliating apricot kernels and lactic acid to ideally prepare your skin for F&W A.H.A products and give it suppleness, smoothness and a bright complexion.

Use daily on your face and body.

Exfoliating Soap - AHA-2 | Original

Product Code 877917005608