Light & Natural Carotone Skin Brightening Products By Mama Africa

Light & Natural 



Brightening Skin Products

Brightening Beauty Cream

Mama Africa Light and Natural Carotone Brightening Body Lotion Tub. The Carotone whitening lotion, rich in vitamin E and formulated with natural whitening agents, moisturises and corrects hyper pigmentation markings of the skin.

Natural Whitening Oil

This oil is formulated with natural whitening agents, it lightens the complexion and moisturises at the same time. 

Whitening Serum

This serum contains a natural action that gradually lightens freckles and dark spots on the skin which are often caused by age, sun or pregnancy, 

Brightening Soap

This Soap Is Formulated With Lightening Agents, It Smooths The Skin Leaving Skin Clear And Bright

Brand Mama Africa