L'OREAL Elvive Style Mousse
L'OREAL Elvive Style Mousse
L'OREAL Elvive Style Mousse
L'OREAL Elvive Style Mousse

L'OREAL Elvive Style Mousse



Once washed and styled hair can quickly lose it's fresh clean feeling and become flat. To refresh hair between washes and for instant volume it needs a special boost. 
Extra Volume Elvive Styliste Mousse is the combination of Elvive care expertise and the experience of L'Oreal Paris Experts to create a perfect style. enriched with Ceramide R
1. This Mousse helps to give your hair an extra boost of volume and lift from the roots. 
2. Offer a 48H long lasting hold thanks to it's strong fixing power

Colour Protect 48H Hold

Colouring your hair can alter it's natural protective layer making the fiber more sensitive to external aggressions such as sun and pollution.
To help reveal their beauty and ensure a perfect style, they need protection and a long lasting hold.

Colour Protect is enriched with UV filters. It's smooth and exquisite formula is designed to help and protect your vibrant coloured hair and offer a 48H log lasting hold.

Non-Stop Volume 48H Hold
Thin hair lacks material and volume, Once reshaped it tends to flatten.
To ensure a gorgeous lasting volume, it needs to be texturized from root to tip and requires long lasting hold.

Non-Stop Volume enriched with Collagen help texturize strand by strand and hold the hair from the roots to amplify the volume.

it offers a 48H long lasting hold.
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