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Light & Natural Carotone


Caro light Shower Gel



Light & Natural Carrotone

Exfoliates - Lightening - Softening

This Shower Gel gently lightens, cleanses, softens And exfoliates the skin. The Micro-spheres embedded gently removes dead cells from the skin, leaving the skin nourished and hydrated

 Carotone Lightening Shower Gel by Mama Africa | Skin lightening,  moisturising & hair treatments

           Carro light with exfoliating beads

Exfoliates - Lightening - Softening

Caro light skin lightening exfoliating softening Shower Gel, leaves skin clean, clear and soft., The microspheres embedded gently remove dead skin cells, leaving skin with a silky feel, nourished, moisturised and hydrated. 

 ​Caro light Soap

The lightening beauty soap is a basic beauty staple, suitable for daily use. It too contains a lightening agent, formulated to create a uniform appearance to your skin, and give it a healthy, luminous look.

Mama Africa Caro Light Soap 200 gr

Carotone Soap

This Soap is formulated with Lightening agents, It smooths the skin leaving it clear and bright.

Carotone Brightening Black Spot Corrector By Mama Africa — Beautizone UK    

Brand Mama Africa
Condition New