ORS Olive Oil Girls Built-In Protection Plus No-Lye Conditioning Hair Relaxer

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Olive Oil

Formulated with built-in protection to prevent over processing as it gently relaxes and smooths the hair.

Rich Olive and Avocado Oils moisturize and condition while Aloe Vera protects the skin and scalp.

The end result is silkier, softer hair that is easy to detangle and care for.

How to use:
Read step by step instructions inside kit before mixing and applying relaxer.


Contains alkali, calcium hydroxide and guanidine carbonate (Toxic - Harmful if swallowed)


This product contains ingredients that will cause irritancy reaction when it comes into contact with the skin and or eyes. Avoid contact with eyes. Can cause blindness. If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water and contact a medical practitioner if irritation persists. Do not rub eyes. Do not use if there has been the reaction to a similar [roduct. Carefully follow the instruction sheet provided. Do not shampoo the hair 24 hours before using the relaxer, unless otherwise specified. To avoid skin and scalp irritation, hair loss, hair breakage, and/or eye/ear injury. Do not apply directly to scalp or hairline. Apply relaxer only to hair that has not been relaxed, if the hair has been previously relaxed, apply only to new growth. Do not use this product if scalp is irritated or on bleached, frosted, colour lifted, damaged, or curly permed hair (Ammonium Thioglycolate). Do not use on hair that has been treated with natural relaxer containing metallic salts or ammonium bisulphate. Wait two weeks between relaxing hair and using permanent /Demi-permanent colour. Rinse the scalp and hair thoroughly with water as soon as the relaxing process is complete or if irritation or discomfort occurs; shampoo with ORS olive oil girls colour cue neutralising shampoo. If irritation persists, or if hair loss occurs, consult a medical practitioner, serious injury may result if the relaxer in ingested. For external use only. If ingested or internal contact occurs consult a medical practitioner immedately. Do not induce vomiting, relaxer product chemically restructures curly hair and should not be used as a conditioning treatment.
Keep out or reach of children.

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ORS Olive Oil Girls