Village Fresh Alata Samina Traditional Herbal Soap

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Fresh Soap



Village fresh soap Alata Samina traditional herbal soap is a truly natural and environmentally friendly product with efficient hygiene and skincare properties well recognised in the traditional African household. 

Originally handcrafted in villages within Africa and is now refined and exquisitely scented for your pleasure.

Village Fresh Herbal Soap is guaranteed pure Organic Soap , natural and home friendly. It is made from most fine African natural herbs with soothing effect on adult and children's skin.

  • It fights bacteria and other common skin rashes on children and adults.
  • It is PH balanced and keeps the skin looking healthy and radiant. 
  • It is recognised in many traditional and modern African homes.
  • It is well suited for personal hygiene for men, women, the aged and children.


Condition New
Product Code 1166130580276